Have something we should take a look at? What’s your story? How to submit tips and story ideas to The Kansas City Beacon

Do you know about or suspect wrongdoing in Kansas City? Are you having trouble getting attention for something that bothers you? Do you have a story we should investigate? Or think we should highlight a person or organization doing good things for the community? Do you have documents or evidence a reporter should see?

Some of The Kansas City Beacon’s most important work is the result of story tips. As a reader, this is your chance to have a profound impact in your community. Here’s how to contact us.

Fill our tip form, which is also embedded below.

If Your Tip is Sensitive

For additional anonymity or security, you can send us mail without a return address.  Remember, the government cannot open domestic mail without a warrant.

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About Kansas City Beacon Tips

  • Tips can range from interesting things you’ve seen in the community to heavier “smoking guns.” Please don’t assume someone else has already shared your tip! We need your help finding stories that matter.
  • If your story is related to something you read in The Kansas City Beacon, you can contact the reporter whose byline is on the article. You may do this through our tip form (below) or through the email address linked to the reporter’s name at the top of every story.
  • Include as many names and facts as you can and include any evidence you have. For example, it’s helpful to include text messages, photos, emails, documents, receipts, reports and more. As journalists, we have to verify information before publishing it, and this helps us do that.
  • If you think your story is part of a pattern, help us understand the larger context. What is happening? Who is being harmed? How long has this been happening? Who should we talk to?
  • To ensure source privacy and discretion, only a small group of Kansas City Beacon employees review each tip. When contact information is provided, we will respond to each tip. 
  • The Kansas City Beacon does not pay for tips and our journalists cannot take anything of value from sources, including meals. Journalists (staff and freelancers) uphold the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

Anonymous Sources

We strive to have information on the record with full attribution to the source. Exceptions to this policy are rare, made only with the approval of the editor, and when the information is critical to the story and can be obtained in no other way. Further, we must know the source to be reliable and to have access to the information. To the best of our ability, we identify and report any bias the source may have. Identities of anonymous sources are shared with the editor. 

Generally, we reserve anonymity for sources who may face danger, retribution or other harm and have information that cannot be obtained elsewhere. When tips are submitted anonymously, The Beacon takes responsibility for the accuracy of information and verifies before releasing it.

Use our tip form