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The Beacon compiled the races metro-area voters can expect to see on their Missouri ballot this August primary. (File photo)

Kansas City area voters are heading to the polls Aug. 2 for the beginning of a jam-packed election season. In the primary election, voters will have the opportunity to choose nominees for U.S. Senate and House races, state Senate and House seats and county legislative seats. The Beacon took a look at the races to know on your Missouri ballot for this primary.

Missouri has open primaries, meaning a voter can choose any party’s ballot, even if it doesn’t match their voter registration. 

Voters can look up their sample ballots on the secretary of state’s website if they did not receive one in the mail. 

Although Gov. Mike Parson recently signed a new voting bill into law, those changes aren’t in effect until the November election. Read more about Missouri’s new voting law, which will require a photo ID to vote. 

The Beacon has compiled a list of the headline races that will appear on various Aug. 2 ballots, depending on location. For races for the Jackson County Legislature, The Beacon is publishing candidate questionnaires in contested districts. 

U.S. Senate

After Sen. Roy Blunt, a Republican, announced he would not seek another term, Republicans and Democrats across the state flocked to the race. 

An evenly divided U.S. Senate is attracting attention to primary races across the country, including Missouri.


  • Robert Allen 
  • Russell Pealer Breyfogle Jr. 
  • Dennis Lee Chilton
  • C.W. Gardner 
  • Ex-Gov. Eric Greitens 
  • U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler 
  • Rickey Joiner 
  • Patrick Lewis
  • U.S. Rep. Billy Long
  • Mark McCloskey 
  • Eric McElroy
  • Darrell Leon McClanahan III
  • Bernie Mowinski
  • Robert Olson 
  • Deshon Porter 
  • Former Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Sen. Dave Schatz
  • Kevin Schepers 
  • Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt 
  • Dave Sims
  • Hartford Tunnell 
  • Curtis D. Vaughn


  • Trudy Busch Valentine 
  • Carla Coffee Wright 
  • Jewel Kelly
  • Pat Kelly 
  • Lucas Kunce 
  • Lewis Rolen 
  • Gena Ross
  • Clarence (Clay) Taylor 
  • Spencer Toder 
  • Ronald William Harris 
  • Josh Shipp

State auditor 

The state auditor’s office determines whether tax dollars are spent efficiently, economically and legally, and how well public funds are protected from potential fraud or abuse, according to the state’s website. 

Current Democratic state Auditor Nicole Galloway ran for governor against Gov. Mike Parson in 2020. After losing, she announced she would not seek reelection or any other office.


  • David Gregory 
  • Scott Fitzpatrick


  • Alan Green

U.S. House races

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives must run for reelection every two years. After the 2020 U.S. Census, congressional districts were redrawn by the Missouri state legislature. Be sure to check your sample ballot with your current address to make sure your district hasn’t changed. 

U.S. representative, House District 4 

This district begins at the state line in Cass County and encompasses much of mid-Missouri. It is currently represented by Vicky Hartzler, who is vacating her seat to run for Senate.


  • Mark Alford 
  • Rick Brattin
  • Kalena Bruce 
  • Taylor Burks 
  • Jim Campbell 
  • William Irwin 
  • Kyle LaBrue 


  • Jack Truman

U.S. representative, House District 5 

Incumbent Rep. Emanuel Cleaver is running for reelection in the solid blue 5th House District, which runs from Gladstone through Blue Springs and Grandview after redistricting


  • Jerry W. Barham
  • Herschel L. Young 
  • Jacob Turk 


  • Emanuel Cleaver II
  • Maite Salazar

Missouri Senate 

Missouri’s state Senate seats are up for reelection every four years.

Missouri Senate District 8

Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs and unincorporated parts of eastern Jackson County.


  • Mike Cierpiot (Incumbent)
  • Joe Nicola 
  • Rachl Aguirre


  • Antoine D. Jennings 

Missouri Senate District 34 

St. Joseph, Platte City, Parkville


  • Tony Luetkemeyer (Incumbent) 


  • Sarah Shorter

Missouri House

In Missouri, House seats are up for reelection every two years.

State House District 15

Gladstone and Kansas City, North 


  • Adam Richardson 


  • Maggie Nurrenbern (Incumbent)

State House District 19 

Northeast area of Kansas City and parts of Sugar Creek, Independence and Jackson County


  • Ingrid Burnett (Incumbent)
  • Nicholas Thomas 

State House District 22

Parts of east Kansas City and Jackson County


  • Davitta Hanson 
  • Yolanda Young
  • Kevon Graves 

State House District 29 

Parts of Kansas City, Raytown and Jackson County


  • David Martin 
  • James Lowman 
  • Gloria Stone 


  • Aaron Crossley 

State House District 36 

Parts of south Kansas City and Jackson County


  • Annette Turnbaugh (Incumbent)
  • Anthony Ealy 
  • John Boyd Jr. 

Jackson County legislative races

The Beacon completed questionnaires with candidates for Jackson County’s in-district and at-large legislative races. Read more from Josh Merchant, The Beacon’s local government reporter. 

Here are the races voters will decide countywide: 

Jackson County Executive 


  • Preston Smith 
  • Jason Pearson 
  • Theresa Cass Galvin 


  • Frank White Jr. 
  • Stacy Lake

Jackson County Legislature 1st At-Large District 


  • Bill E. Kidd 
  • Brenda Allen 


  • Jalen Anderson 

Jackson County Legislature 2nd At-Large District 


  • Bob Stringfield
  • John J. Murphy


  • Zac Sweets 
  • Donna Peyton 
  • Ryan Meyer 

Jackson County Legislature 3rd At-Large District 


  • Lance Dillenschneider 


  • Megan Marshall
  • Tony Miller 
  • Delmira Quarles 

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