How well does local news serve you and your community? What information sources do you trust, and why? What do you wish people understood about your life and your community? Who in your community needs to be heard? 

We want to know.

The Kansas City Beacon wants to learn how people in Kansas City get the news and information they need. We’re hiring Community Representatives to help us as members of our Community Engagement Bureau, a new initiative to design a creative way to deliver news to underserved communities. 

Invest 5 hours a month and earn $20 per hour while enhancing your skills in civic engagement, community organizing and journalism. If you’re interested, please fill out this form or email Gary Enrique Bradley-Lopez at 

Who we’re looking for

  • Kansas City Metropolitan residents with deep ties to the local community.
  • Good listeners who are respectful, caring and curious.
  • Individuals eager to learn
  • English fluency; proficiency in other languages a plus.
  • Experience with neighborhood community building and/or community organizing a plus.
  • We’re especially interested in people who are networked with Black/African-American, Latinx/Spanish-speaking, Indigenous/Native American, Asian and immigrant communities.
  • We’re also interested in people whose viewpoint or experience may be underrepresented in news coverage. This may include, for example: race and ethnicity, political beliefs, sexual orientation or gender identity, age, geographic area of Kansas City metro, disability and accessibility, religion, workforce or housing status.

What you’ll do

  • Reach out to your community in whatever way is best for them — in person, phone call, text message, email, social media.
  • Take notes and share what you learn with our team and at community events.
  • Share KC Beacon news articles with their respective networks and community(ties) 
  • Make introductions, attend community events, share surveys and recruit people to participate in focus groups.
  • Share ideas and feedback about who we need to hear from and what we should ask.
  • Work can be done remotely while observing social distancing or on the ground.
  • Learn more about storytelling and information sharing.
  • Get paid to enhance your skills in civic engagement, community organizing, journalism and more.
  • Make a difference in the Kansas City Metro by helping design equitable news and information.

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GARY ENRIQUE BRADLEY-LOPEZ is The Kansas City Beacon’s Community Engagement Bureau manager. Previously, Gary worked as a Director of Communications and Outreach as well as a Community Organizer for two...