The situation with COVID-19 vaccinations is constantly changing. The Beacon is here to help you find the information you need. We’ve rounded up info on which people are currently eligible for vaccination in Kansas, who will be next and the state’s current vaccination progress. You also can find links to sign-ups to receive alerts from your county when it’s your turn to get vaccinated. We’ll be updating this page weekly.

Kansas currently is only releasing data on how many doses of the vaccine have been distributed to counties each week, rather than data on how many doses have been administered.

Kansas is currently vaccinating people in:

  • Phase 1 
    • Health care workers in contact with patients, health care contractors and funeral workers
    • Long-term-care staff or residents
    • Critical pandemic response workers, like people working in COVID-19 testing centers
  • Phase 2 
    • Anyone 65 or older
    • Group community health staff and residents
    • High-contact critical workers, including those in the following areas:
      • First responders
      • K-12 and child care workers, including teachers, custodians, drivers and other staff 
      • Grocery store workers
      • Food processing
      • Aviation manufacturing
      • Transportation
      • Retail, agriculture, Postal Service, department of motor vehicles

The next people to be vaccinated will be:

  • Phase 3
    • People between ages 16 and 64 with the following medical conditions:
      • Cancer
      • Chronic kidney disease
      • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
      • Down syndrome
      • Heart conditions
      • Weakened immune system from organ transplant
      • Type 2 diabetes mellitus
      • Sickle cell disease
      • Pregnancy
    • Other critical workers, including those in the following areas:
      • Utilities
      • Social services and government 
      • Logistics
      • Water/wastewater
      • Construction
      • Finance
      • Information technology
      • Communications
  • Phase 4
    • People between ages 16 and 64 with other medical risks not covered in Phase 3, including:
      • Asthma
      • Cerebrovascular disease
      • Cystic fibrosis
      • Immune deficiency
      • Neurological conditions
      • Liver disease
      • Pulmonary fibrosis
      • Thalassemia
      • Type 1 diabetes mellitus
      • Obesity
  • Phase 5
    • All Kansas residents

How to receive news and sign up for vaccine availability updates:

If you are currently eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine:

Resources on how the COVID-19 vaccine works, its safety, potential side effects and more:

Recommendations on activities and precautions once you are fully vaccinated:

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