We’re committed to building an equitable and inclusive organization that represents the people and communities we serve. We encourage members of traditionally underrepresented communities, including women, people of color, veterans, LGBTQ people and people with disabilities, to apply for journalism jobs at The Beacon. 

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About Beacon Media:

Founded in April 2019, The Beacon first started publishing in Kansas City in March 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. In June 2021, we launched a second newsroom in Wichita to become a regional nonprofit news network. The goal of The Beacon is to create a sustainable, non-profit news organization that engages the public, collaborates with other media and produces the highest level of accountability and solutions-driven journalism in Kansas and Missouri.  

The Beacon values: 

  1. Shining a light: We believe that transparency about what is happening in our community and government ultimately leads to a better society for all. We also believe that if we demand transparency from others, we must model it ourselves as journalists — transparency in funding, journalistic practices, and our policies are integral to earning trust. 
  2. Power in independence: Our unique impact as journalists lies in our ability to tell the complete story, without consideration of profit, ideology, or advocacy. We can tell the truest story, and make the greatest possible difference if we take no predetermined position on the topics we cover. We work hard to build a business model that safeguards our independence. 
  3. Local first: We put down roots in the communities we cover and work with our readers as well as for them. We cover local people, institutions, and systems like they’re as important as the president (because they are). We aren’t interested in national stories unless there is a clear local or regional angle. 
  4. Anti-racism: We acknowledge and condemn the ongoing legacy of racism in the U.S. and the institution we are a part of — the press. We commit to standing against racism as we build our organization and conduct our work. 
  5. Impact: Writing stories is not enough. We are on a mission to get the full truth to the maximum number of people at the moments of greatest consequence. We do everything we can to bring stories, people, and stakes alive for readers so they can engage in informed action and debate

Community Engagement Manager

Are you ready to be a part of something transformative? Join The Beacon, a nonprofit organization committed to reimagining local news, delivering robust journalism, and elevating community voices to forge a more inclusive future for Kansas and Missouri.

In many corners, communities have suffered from being underrepresented and subjected to biased reporting. Local news often gets bogged down in crime stories and neglects the vibrant and multifaceted nuances that make up our neighborhoods.

Our Community Engagement Managers are champions of breaking these boundaries, giving voice to the marginalized, and ensuring their stories are heard. These managers are researchers; more than that, they are community insiders who intimately understand the challenges and triumphs of their neighbors.

Key Responsibilities:

Community Engagement and Empowerment:

  • Mentor and Train Community Representatives: Provide guidance and support to community representatives, empowering them with the skills needed for effective civic information engagement and train the trainer sessions on community listening.
  • Workshops and Training: Develop and lead workshops, recruit and train community representatives, and provide ongoing support to ensure their success.
  • Community Advisor Meetings: Manage community advisor meetings, advising The Beacon’s staff on issues of interest to the broader community.
  • Content Development: Collaborate closely with newsroom staff to research, design, and produce editorial content that directly serves diverse communities, addressing their unique needs and interests.
  • Relationship Building: Frequent neighborhoods of diverse readers and community advisors to build and maintain relationships with grassroots organizations and individuals, developing sources for Beacon stories.
  • Feedback and Implementation: Follow up with community members to inform them of how their ideas have been put to use, fostering trust and transparency.
  • Service-Oriented Content: Identify service-oriented content opportunities that help communities navigate complex systems and challenges.
  • Community Trust Building: Advise The Beacon team on community trust-building needs and activities, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Newsroom Collaboration:

  • Newsroom Integration: Attend newsroom planning meetings and ensure the community voice is evident in the product, providing consultation to reporters on story ideas.
  • Ethical Journalism: Abide by journalism’s ethics and codes, upholding the highest standards of integrity.
  • Data Contribution: Consolidate and collect data from community listening. Contribute data needed for key performance indicators (KPIs), helping track and measure the impact of community engagement efforts.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI):

  • DEI Best Practices: Ensure that all actions fully embody the core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, incorporating DEIB best practices in all initiatives.

Community Advocacy and Outreach:

  • Advocacy: Serve as an advocate for The Beacon in the community, attending and participating in public events as needed, promoting transparency and community engagement.
  • Multi-Platform Contribution: Contribute to other news products, including social media, audio stories, printed projects, and text message campaigns, to maximize outreach and engagement.

Apply here to see preferred qualifications, additional information and salary range.

The Beacon Reporter

Reporting to the Editor, reporters execute stories that break new ground in service to our community. Reporters find and analyze data in pursuit of great stories, closely follow evolving policies, and dig deep to hold government and institutions accountable. Reporters seek out everyday people and advocacy groups and explore their challenges and experiences with systems. Reporters are writers who can craft narratives that weave human experience with policy and data. As a Reporter, you will join a team of committed professionals with the goal of creating a sustainable, non-profit news organization that engages the public, collaborates with other media, and produces the highest level of accountability and solutions-driven journalism in Kansas and Missouri.

Key Responsibilities

  • Investigate, report and write longform, shorter-turn stories and helpful guides about local and regional issues with the audience in mind
  • As assigned, develop and serve a dedicated beat and investigate new leads and tips
  • Find and analyze data to uncover unique insights and put them into context
  • Contact, interview and research sources
  • Maintain notes and audio recordings
  • Build broad and diverse relationships so that sources, story ideas, research and writing reflect the many communities living in Kansas City and Wichita
  • Take on visual and multimedia aspects of stories such as creating graphics and other visuals, planning, scheduling and selecting photographs, and writing social media copy
  • Promote your reporting and increase The Beacon’s visibility in the community through activities such as public events, speaking engagements, radio and podcast appearances, and live video.
  • Use sources, story ideas, research and writing that reflects Kansas City and/or Wichita’s diversity and the difference in lived experiences
  • Abide by journalism’s ethics and codes
  • Contribute data needed for key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Ensure actions fully embody core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and incorporate DEIB best practices
  • Participate in a culture of collaboration, quality, innovation, data-driven decision-making and intelligent use of resources
  • Contribute to other news products including, for example, social media, audio stories, printed projects and text message campaigns
  • Other related duties, as assigned

Apply here to see preferred qualifications, additional information and salary range.

Freelance writers and photographers

We’re seeking freelance journalists to pitch us stories for publication in The Beacon. We’re interested in stories that impact audiences in Kansas and Missouri, and that fall under the general categories of government, economics, education, health care, environment and civic engagement. We are not seeking commentary or opinion pieces. We are particularly interested in stories that are revelatory, data-driven, contextual and solutions-driven. All content is subject to editing and fact-checking prior to publication. Freelancers are not considered W2 eligible employees and are not eligible for benefits. Contracts will include a conflicts of interest statement and signing the SPJ Code of Ethics.

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